Lesson #7: Become an Expert for Your Plan

Welcome to the seventh lesson! You will learn:

  • Skills needed to begin building your AI invention

Materials you will need:

You will:

  • Program your invention on ML4K or Cognimates.
  • Complete a tutorial to build your skills.

Questions to consider when creating your AI invention:

  • How will you use the online AI tools in your invention?
  • Is there more information you need before you start building?

Program Your Invention:

  • First, program your invention in ML4K or Cognimates (What decisions will it make, what type of data will it use or gather?)
  • Explore datasets. If you need inspiration for data or need to look at different types of data, you can use this link to influence your project.
  • Make and describe your data. Think about the key aspects of the data for your invention in your AI Inventors Notebook. More directions for this activity are given there.


These tutorials are most likely inaccessible, so we should do tutorials for all them (including the advanced tutorial)?

When doing the AI app on phone, following the tutorials resulted in a buggy application.


Q: Which agent do you think would take the most correct actions?

  • An agent with 10 pieces of data
  • An agent with 100 pieces of data
  • An agent with 10000 pieces of data

A: 3) An agent with more data will be better able to find patterns and make decisions (which lead to actions).

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