I can only make one of the workshop days. Am I still allowed to participate?

Unfortunately, no. We require that all participants attend all days of the workshop. However, we encourage you to contact us to indicate your interest in similar workshops that may be held in the future.

Do I need to be a U.S. citizen or resident to participate in the program?

No. We will not inquire about the residency status of workshop attendees, and U.S. citizenship is not required for attendance.

Are there are fees for attending the program?

The program is entirely free.

Can I participate if I don’t own a laptop?

We are able to loan a laptop to students residing in the contiguous U.S. during the workshop, though it is preferable for students to use their own laptop from home or school (if available).

Can I participate if I don’t have any computer programming experience?

Yes. No programming experience is required for the workshop.

Will you provide transportation to and from the University of Washington?

In years when the program is remote, this should not be a concern. During in-person camp, while we can help you find transportation options, students are ultimately responsible for organizing their own transportation to and from the program.

I know someone who I think would be great for this program. Can I refer them?

Absolutely! Please feel free to share this application with them.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology (uwtcat@uw.edu).