The 2023 summer program is offered in a remote-only setting.

The deadline to apply to the program was July 1st, 2023.

Why Apply for AI4ALL@UW?

At the University of Washington’s Paul G. Allen School, we use data science to answer some of the most pressing questions about equity: What data should we share with apps on our phone? Read professor Franziska Roesner’s response here. How do we make sense of an overload of information during a crisis? Read professor Kate Starbird’s response here. What does an article tell us about the author’s intent and biases? Read a paper by professor Yejin Choi’s group. How can we use data to assess and compare inequities in our cities and built environments? Read a paper by the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology.

If you haven’t decided how to spend your summer, you may want to think about the possibility of participating in our summer program at UW. Not only is it an exciting way to spend your summer, but you’ll get to explore a new field you may want to pursue as a college major, and make friends with other students with similar interests.

We invite students from traditionally underrepresented groups to join us for a free, 20-week data science and artificial intelligence introductory workshop. To be eligible for the program, students must be rising high school juniors, high school seniors, or college freshmen. At the workshop, students will learn how to understand, analyze, interpret and discuss real-world applications of data science and machine learning with the ultimate goal of understanding impactful technology decisions. Our current course is specifically tuned to teach students some skills in geographical information science to address questions of equity and bias in urban spaces.

We are incredibly excited that instruction for this year’s instance includes researachers and representative faculty from both IFDS and TCAT. Funded by the NSF, the Institute for Foundations of Data Science (IFDS) brings together researchers from the fields of computer science, mathematics, statistics, and engineering. Housed at the Paul G. Allen School for CS&E, the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology (TCAT) develops translates and deploys open source accessible technology to increase independence and enhance quality of life for people with disabilities.

This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn a valuable skill set in a hands-on setting. Given that the tools of data science and machine learning can be applied in many fields, we encourage students who are interested in STEM or non-STEM fields (such as social studies, government, and history) to apply!


  • The program focus is on data science, geographical information science, machine learning (ML) and their application in daily life,
  • No previous coding experience is necessary. The lessons assume a beginner level.
  • Students will be guided by undergraduate students and researchers from the Paul G. Allen School and the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology and the Institute for Foundations of Data Science.

Workshop Dates

Tuesday, July 18 through Tuesday, September 5th, 2023. 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM PST, with an alternate date for September 5th for those students starting fall semester. Participation is required on all workshop days.


  • The workshop will take place online only.


  • All applicants must be rising high school juniors, high school seniors, or students starting their freshman year of college in Fall of this year.
  • The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology within the Paul G. Allen school is committed to increasing diversity in data science and AI.  The Taskar Center aim to foster an interest in computer science among a wide range of young people, which will lead future generations to produce AI that more accurately represents our diverse world. As such, this program is primarily intended for students from a wide range of traditionally underrepresented groups. These groups include, but are not limited to: students who will be the first in their families to attend a 4-year college, students of color, LGBTQ students, students from underserved communities, students from low-income families, and students with disabilities.
  • We will not inquire about the residency status of workshop attendees, and U.S. citizenship is not required for attendance.

Deadline to apply

July 1st 2023 at 10 PM PDT

Notification of acceptance

No later than Monday, May 18th.

PLEASE NOTE: acceptance and no-acceptance notifications will be sent, via email, to the email address noted as the consenting adult email address in the application.

How to apply

Submitting the Student Application early allows us to know you are interested and keep in contact throughout the rest of the application process. A complete application to AI4ALL includes all of the following items. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

In addition to the online application form, if you would like an interview (optional) contact us at or

Student Application

Complete the online student application form.